Be a step ahead of your customers’ needs by offering them perceptive, instinctive, and modifiable service solutions.

This is Paul

He is the Manager at Max Software Services

He is worried about rising complaints from clients on his products & services. It is difficult to manage different cases of each client, track status and allot suitable support executives or technicians to resolve requests. 

He needs an efficient solution where he can see the case details and updates under one platform and closely observe his team’s activities on quick and accurate resolution.

Meet Simon

He is a field service technician at Max Software Services

He is concerned about the delays and burdens in resolving client complaints due to no clarity on the exact issue and the order in which they should be looked into. 

He needs a software that would make it easy to see activities assigned by the manager, their priority, case history and status and real-time team coordination.

This is Amy

She is a customer support executive at Max Software Services

She is worried about not being able to meet the demands for prompt service, owing to confusion on handling a bunch of random customer data, queries and complaints. 

She wants a simple software where she can update, access and maintain records of customers, sold items and service requests, enabling her to offer appropriate customer support.

This is Ryan

He is a Client of Max Software Services

He is unhappy with the post sales service offered by Max software. He is always connected to different executives having to repeat the entire case multiple times. He does not have clarity on the point of contact, how to diagnose the issue and the resolution timeline.

He needs a software that will let him raise complaints in one place, view assigned contact person and on-site technician and allow him to track the status of his case.

We offer the following solutions and their capabilities that can help to achieve the desired outcome

Case Management


Customisable Multilingual Case Request Forms

Create multilingual case request forms as per your business needs and processes with the various plugins available for configurations.


Role based Case Submission

Role based permissions allows one to submit cases  and access reported cases based on the rules defined for each role.


Define Resolution Rules and Deviation Alerts

Each case follows a particular process. Define distinct rules for resolution, escalations and for any deviations which may occur during the handling of the case.

Pre-defined Ticket Actions

Use macros to react rapidly with predefined actions such as changing a case status, escalations, etc

Rule based Allocation of Cases

Define rules for allocation of cases based on skills, ability, technical expertise, etc. Cases get escalated to the right agent/staff based on the defined set of rules.



Based on rules  defined for escalations, which could include response time, priority or customised rules according to the business process flow, cases are auto-escalated to the next level of authority.

Dispute Management

Disputes are a major crisis faced by all businesses. With BPN Dispute Management, The manager can efficiently manage disputes by working in alliance between the team members involved and between the customer/company.

Contact Centre


Agent Message Scripting

BPN enables agents to deliver a coherent message to contacts with a web-based contact centre agent script which provides multiple email and SMS templates

Contact Centre Statistics

Usage of custom dashboards, opinions and alerts to monitor email Queues, Agents, Campaigns, and more in real-time statistics


Online Database for Contacts

Keeps contact data at the fingertips of agents while managing client relationships


Omnichannel Contact Center

Be present to follow up on your clients, and guide them step by step with live chat. Emails can be routed through a queue and agents will receive information once an email has been sent through


Task Assignment

Create tasks against each conversation and assign to team members and monitor progress

Payment Gateway Integration

Easily integrates any payment gateway to the module enabling users to make payment within the portal.

Asset Management

Software Asset Management & License

Manage software licenses and agreements, update or renew or cancel as per business requirements

Purchase Orders

Use purchase order workflow to facilitate new order request, vendor selection, approval and purchase process



Generate comprehensive predefined / custom inventory reports

Import Existing Data

Import current asset information from any third party application into the portal

Master Data Management

Add dynamic fields to capture more relevant information

Barcode Reader

Invoicing and tracking made easy with integration of barcode reader

IT Asset Management

Monitor full asset life cycle from procurement to disposal. It allows auto-discovery and management of all hardware and software inventory deployed in your network


Define Workflow and Assign Workforce

Manage your entire workflow and allocate activities to workforce based on skills and capabilities

Automatic Scheduler

Time based task scheduler based on predefined set of rules


Timesheet Manager

Staff can easily update their timesheet on an hourly basis to keep a tab on their activities

Real Time Location Tracker

With GPS based tracking system within the workforce module, you will be up to date with the whereabouts of your employees at any given point in time

Integrated Google Maps & ‘Nearby’

Track and assign a location to a task with integrated google maps. Find out options or stores near you, see existing service requests to avoid duplication using the ‘nearby’ option


Define SLA for tasks

SLA’s can be defined for the tasks and emails/notifications can be configured when SLA’s are not met.

How do our solutions help meet the goals?

Paul is able to provide reliable and prompt post-sales services to his clients using the solution that lets him manage each case closely, assign tasks to his team based on skills & track real-time status. His clients are coming back with more orders and recommending them to their contacts. 

Simon is able to meet deadlines, as he has a clear view of the assigned tasks with their priorities. He is able to retrieve the description and history of each case in one place and effortlessly coordinate with the client and his team.

Amy can easily store, access, and maintain customer records at her fingertips with a simple to operate the software. She is the go-to person for her clients as she remotely offers quick and effective fixes for their issues. 

Ryan has gained trust in the company as he has access to a transparent & efficient system where he can raise complaints and get connected to a dedicated support person. He gets regular updates, notifications and is able to track the case status anytime he wishes.

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