Achieve project management objectives by organising, prioritising and tracking tasks and resources

Meet Mrs Helen

She is a Project Manager at Oxford’s Software Services

She finds it difficult to make sure that the project is completed on time She also finds it hard to keep tabs on her team and to know the day to day progress of the project.

She wants an app that enables each of her team members to update the progress that they are making on a daily basis so that she can monitor, review and give feedback accordingly.

This is Mr James

He is a team member at Oxford’s Software Services

He faces a lack of cooperation from his team members which prevents him from maximising his performance.

He wants a portal where he can communicate easily with his team mates which in turn will enhance the cooperation among them.

This is Mr Brown

He is a client of Oxford’s Software Services

He is worried that his project will not be delivered on time and is not sure if the project can be done within the budget that he has allocated.
He wants an app that gives him timely updates on the progress of the project and has an expense tracker to ensure it remains within budget.



Add and Manage Leaving

Add multiple projects and monitor progress under a single view.


Define & Allocate Project Based Tasks

A Define tasks and subtasks under each project and easily allocate tasks to team members based on their skills and areas of expertise.

Track real-time task progress

Track the progress of each task under respective projects and learn the real time status/progress of tasks.

Analyse Team’s Performance

Analyse the team’s performance based on the allocated tasks and their progress

Define and Monitor SLA & KPI's

Define SLA and KPI for team members, apply them based on the conditions and then track metrics down to the minute

Create Project Based Service Requests

Raise project based Service Requests and monitor real-time progress and status.


Time and Expense Management

A timesheet can be added to each project to set aside work for each day. Budgeted cost can be added for a project and as you add charges for each task, it will show you budgeted vs actual cost.


Mrs. Helen can now make sure that her project is completed on time. She is able to manage all her team members with ease through the app. She also gets daily updates on the progress that her team has made through the day which makes it easy for her to review the work done and leave her feedback accordingly. 

Mr. James is now able to communicate with the team better as he can respond to emails and SMS from the app. He can also send broadcast messages to his team. 

Mr. Brown is not worried as he gets updates on the expenditures and progress of the project periodically. He also is updated on the budgeted vs actual cost of his project.

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