Modernise, mechanise, and organise any business process using tailored apps that you can build yourself.

Meet Mr. Kevin

He is the CIO of Haley’s Software Services

He is worried because there are so many demands being made to the technical team by all the other teams in the company. They all require the technical team to create certain tools for them to function more efficiently.

He wants a platform which makes it easy for his team to meet everyone’s demands.

This is Karen

She is part of the IT team at Haley’s Software Services

She feels pressured as she has too many deadlines to meet as different teams require tools to be created to assist them in their work. 

She wants a platform that will relieve her of her stress by making it easy for her to meet her deadlines.

This is Steve

He is part of the business team at Haley’s Software Services

He is concerned that the IT team has not delivered as they had promised.

He wants a platform that makes it easy for the IT team to deliver on time.


Data Integration

Multi-Channel Access

Our integration capability offers multi channel access to legacy applications


Modernise IT Systems

Assists in modernizing the IT systems and provide consistent high quality front end


Integrate Processes to systems

Enables the users to enforce their business processes and integrate those processes to a variety of their systems

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor integrations through the monitoring dashboards to ensure all integrations across systems is working as expected


Alerts, Notifications & Ticket Generation

Exception based alerts and notification systems to ensure unforeseen issues with data integration are resolved promptly. Easily generate tickets based on predefined set of rules.

Integration across Source Systems

Automate business processes internally and also across third parties by seamlessly integrating business processes across source systems of your partner network ie vendors or customers


Community Database

Maintain list of community members, their skills, qualification, experience etc to be able to make an informed decision while allocating work

Role Allocation

Roles can be defined for team members so that tasks can be assigned based on roles

Create Organisation and Groups

Easily create multiple organisations and groups or for the 3rd party contractors and assign tasks or service requests accordingly


Data Integration and Management

Easily import data from various sources, integrate data and manage them from one single platform


Master Data Management

Add dynamic fields against members to capture more information

Customisation and Branding

Allows administrators to customise the portal in terms of branding based on the project theme or client’s requirements

Role Based Access Control

You can define who can access which module in the portal and control access based on a predefined set of rules. This also includes permissions to approve or decline requests raised by other community members


Mr Kevin is happy that he now has a portal which helps his team work quickly and efficiently so that they can meet the demands made to them.

Karen is not stressed anymore as the portal makes it easy for her to create the tools needed by different teams. She can create apps, forms, workflows, etc with ease.

Steve is now happy with the IT team as they now deliver promptly and he can use the tool created by them to be more efficient.

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