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Our solutions can be implemented quickly and help small, medium, and large enterprises hit the ground running in no time.


Business Process Now is a flexible and scalable solution-platform that enables businesses—small, medium or large—to automate and align their critical business processes leading to increased productivity.  

It serves as a single, unifying platform for all your business’ internal and external processes. Intuitively designed, it

  • 9Can be integrated with any ERP, EBS, or legacy system
  • 9Functions across varying organisational roles and interactions
  • 9Can be configured to your business relevant needs using clicks and codes with our innovative toolkits
  • 9A multichannel tool that has an inbuilt framework to facilitate communication internally and with external stakeholders through native mobile apps, web portal, telephony or chat bots.
  • 9Can be configured swiftly for vertical or horizontal business extensions

From Wish Lists to Reality

The story of how BPN was conceived is indeed interesting. During the course of our collaboration with many Tier-1 companies in the UK and Asia, we realised many ERP users faced certain challenges in terms of integration and automation. The absence of tools to overcome these challenges, compelled us to design a platform that would act as a bridge and help businesses to unlock the potential of their existing systems.

Manage all your business processes on a single platform 

Real Time Tracking

Native Mobile Apps


Timesheet Manager

Offline Work Mode


Push Notification Service


Automated Chatbots

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